“Our Mission is to make a difference in the world by bringing people and processes together for optimal results.”


We have the experience, knowledge, and values to provide innovative and effective solutions in an ever-changing global economy.

Coaching and Mentoring

In today’s economy, organizations must possess a mission that is focused on service and execution. This focus requires an ability to balance the challenges of an organization’s current reality with its future viability, a value proposition that is often difficult to maintain.


Organizational Consulting

Organizational development (OD) is an application of behavioral science to achieve organizational change. It encompasses a wide array of theories, processes, and activities, all of which are oriented toward the goal of improving organizational performance.


Innovative Learning

Galilee Agency offers consulting services in the field of training and development, which is concerned with formal organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings.

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Speaking Topics​

Women business leaders and business owners are faced with making tough decisions. Many of those decisions are often made in a parallel reality….a reality based on biases and perceptions of what women think and feel rather than what we need or what we know. Our inspiring, dynamic and informative presentation will equip women leaders and business owners with three key strategies for leveraging their personal power to make decisions that achieve their desired business outcomes.

As we deal with today’s challenges, we must also deal with the reality that most of our experiences, beliefs and values have been shaped by messages that are often influenced by biases and perceptions. Thus the reason this talk is recommended for diverse audiences. To understand the impact of this process, we must learn how to navigate the parallel reality to achieve our desired outcomes and results. We will provide participants with three key strategies to navigate the biases and perceptions that exist in the parallel reality equipping them with the tools and information to achieve what they need.

As entrepreneur and business owners, we share some of the key and painful lessons from the book, “From Zero to Faith…Real Talk for Real Business.” Our transparency and these lessons will provide participants with information that will equip them with strategies to effectively position their businesses for growth and sustainability. Participants will leave this presentation equipped to move their businesses to the next level of growth.

Innovative Transformation

Galilee Agency provides organizational and business development innovative consulting services for organizations as well as small to medium sized businesses. Bringing people and process together, services begin with conducting an organizational current reality assessment in order to identify areas for focus and development. In addition, the Galilee Agency provides organizational development consulting and business leadership coaching for organizational leaders and business owners to ensure that there is an alignment with the strategic vision for growth and/or expansion. The outcome for this process is to provide the leaders with a strategic alignment action plan that serves as a framework to transform and align the organization and/or business with its strategic vision.


What Clients Say About Us

If you have the opportunity to work with Brenda Anderson, you must! Brenda's ability to weave together exceptional business expertise with the sensibility of an executive coach and genuine care for her audience makes her an incredible standout as a speaker and facilitator. Because of her expert facilitation, the business owners left her session with tangible next steps and motivation to lead themselves, their team, and their businesses through this crisis. The evaluations from her session were exemplary and reflected the quality of Brenda's delivery and the impact of her presentation. We're thrilled to invite Brenda back time and again to serve our business owner community!

Lyndsay Whitehurst
Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Interise

Brenda Anderson is a true leader. Combining her gift of discernment along with her business expertise, Brenda has the special ability to laser focus providing innovative solutions to real-life challenges. As an international keynote speaker with 28+ years of experience, I have personally witnessed Brenda's unique presentation style in sharing her leadership "nuggets of wisdom" with committed business owners. Her transparency, sincerity and authenticity touches every audience. Brenda Anderson is leader amongst leaders. You and your organization will be inspired and empowered by Brenda Anderson.

Marlon Smith
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Success By Choice, Inc.

As a growing leader and a seeker to improve my leadership ability, I turned to Brenda Anderson to help me achieve my best. Brenda’s ability to guide me down a path of understanding my strengths and my purpose provided me with a higher than expected personal and professional ROI.”

Tana Greene
President and CEO The Greene Group

As a growing leader and a seeker to improve my leadership ability, I turned to Brenda Anderson to help me achieve my best. Brenda’s ability to guide me down a path of understanding my strengths and my purpose provided me with a higher than expected personal and professional ROI.” Tana Greene President and CEO The Greene Group From the What's Next: Tales of Growth webinar “I was struggling to get clarity on how to grow my business…. And then a miracle happened and that miracle's name was Brenda Anderson."

Jefferson Ovalle
President and CEO, Genesis Construction

Brenda Anderson has been the anchor of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte's educational programs since 2012. Her background, expertise and in-depth understanding of diversity and inclusion have greatly helped us with developing educational program curriculums that address the needs of LatinX entrepreneurs and professionals. We are delighted to work with Brenda as our Program Facilitator to offer business development and leadership development programs to our community. ​ With Brenda's coaching, program participants are empowered to make significant changes in their personal and professional lives to identify their purpose and achieve their goals. Our organization thrives when our members thrive, and we, as well as our stakeholders continue to see the results of her involvement in their lives. "

Rocio Gonzalez
Executive Director Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte