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Galilee Agency, Inc. is an innovative consulting firm specializing in providing resources, tools, information and training for organizations that want to ensure that they are ready and competitive in the global economy. The agency is also a broker of service organization partnering in an effort to deliver the best solution for the challenges of the changing market place.

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The contributing senior organizational consultants have over 75+ combined years of experience developing individual and organizational excellence in organizations around the world. The professionals at Galilee Agency have multiple certifications in human resources, organizational development and process design and engineering. They bring their professional knowledge, expertise and the right tools together to help transform organizations and to optimize their performance. The goal of this group is to act as “Catalysts for change… Optimizers of performance…Dynamic Innovators delivering strategies for success!”


What Clients Say About Us

“One of the most important moments in my life…”

- Jill Marcus
President, Something Classic

“Brenda, we are your 3 little starfishes you picked up off the beach and threw back into the water. You made an incredible difference in the way we view our business and the uniqueness each of us bring to our small but mighty company. You helped bring insight and direction this past year and we will forever be grateful. May our paths cross again very soon!”

- Gretchen Rost
Mom Corps

“Brenda’s work is amazingly powerful and inspiring! Thank you for providing growth opportunities for the leaders and organizations in our communities.”

- Julia Lanham
Mecklenburg County